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Community Requests

Christopher is requesting
Travel planner
I'm looking for a travel planner that can help me plan an amazing trip around New Zealand. So someone from New Zealand or know the place well would be beneficial or maybe if you have been there bef...

Mariquita is requesting
Feminine Empowerment Coaching
I'm Mariquita and I'm taking classes for Feminine Empowerment Coaching. If you are a lady and would like some laser coaching, I think we might be a fit. I need to practice my new techniques and I w...

I love the way Simbi brings people together. We all need each other in life!
heaven is requesting
So just beat the look with Michael
Jackson Lane You cannot forget the King of Pop! He's still alive in our hearts, and instead of the fact that he has left us, we all still follow his style and like to binge-listen to his songs....

Alwin is requesting
First HF station
I have 4351 Simbi, I want a new (sealed, with original receipt/s & full manufacturer warranty terms remaining) all-band HF transceiver, LMR-400 UHF-male-terminated coax, and a 25 amp or greater pow...

Satya is requesting
Word Content for Website|Life Coach
Hi! Finally after 20+ years life coaching I'm going online. Getting my website redesigned, and need help help honing my message down for greater impact, words/content for website. I'm playing at a ...

I love bartering, being unconventional & getting out of the matrix. I love making a positive difference in people's lives...or even better...making THE difference in propelling them to live healthi...
Skyhead is requesting
Design Website
Looking for a web designer who could build a website from scratch. We should be able to be on voice calls and mode/means of payment is absolutely up to you. Want this done as soon as possible. ...

easy to use and earn....
Rachel is requesting
Critique the Business Card
I am looking for lots of people to critique my friend's business card. Just look at the business card I will provide you and let me know your honest opinion about it. If you do not like the card th...

This is an amazing way to barter. This also helps me to network with people in different places around the world. I feel that SImbi is a place where people can come together and really help out one...
Dua is requesting
Need your opinion about my App
Can you take a look at my app and write me a message about if you think it's useful or how I can make it be more useful for you. What should be changed? What can be improved? And what more can be ...

Simbi seems an easier way to connect and exchange skills with people.
Jo is requesting
Theme Music for Podcast
Looking for a 15 - 30 second theme song for a podcast. Let me know what you can do and I'll give you more of the details.

Keylow is requesting
I need a simple but unique logo
I am looking for a simple but unique logo design for my Lord's Mobile Guild. It is a phone app/game that a lot of people take very seriously. Which is why it is rated as the "Most Competitive Game ...

I love the idea of free but mutual exchange. The barter system is a great way to showcase one's skills as well as receive the same in return.
Shamanic Arts Center is requesting
Shamanic Art for Virtual Exhibit
I'm putting together a virtual exhibit of shamanic art for Traveling Shamans Camp August 20-22. You will be allowed to sell prints or originals with no commission or fees. Please provide high qual...

We provide structure to preserve and exchange earth-based shamanic practices which we believe are vital to foster deeper connection, respect, and care for our planet.
Shamanic Arts Center is requesting
artsteps expert to build exhibit
I'm seeking someone who can build an exhibition on Willing to pay high Simbi. Need a virtual exhibition for Traveling Shamans Camp.

We provide structure to preserve and exchange earth-based shamanic practices which we believe are vital to foster deeper connection, respect, and care for our planet.
Julien is requesting
Make 5 phone calls on my behalf
Hi Simbi community, I'm looking for someone from The US or Canada who'd help me with this project: I need to contact 5 business associations and grant their members: free lifetime access to my on...

Being able to help and getting helped by fellow peers is just beautiful.
Shaira is requesting
LinkedIn Lead Generation
I'm looking for someone who can help me with lead generation on LinkedIn. Basically, I just need a list of 100 people and links to their LinkedIn profile on an excel sheet. Will give further detail...

I'm excited to join a community that's so passionate about what they do! I'm here to learn more!
Kim is requesting
New Global Coaches Collaborative!
I'm looking for other coaches in business, life, executive or leadership coaching who may like to get involved in an international coaches' collaborative, Coach Talk Cafe, that I joined at its ince...

I love the money-free exchange community that Simbi is! Why not give to receive?
Melvin is requesting
This is for one of my friends who is returning some marketing for me. :)

I am here to swap some skills I have for some of the things I need for my business as I would like to concentrate on parts of my business that I cannot outsource. After Hours Hypnotherapy became ...
Ray is requesting
WordPress tweaking
I need someone skilled with the WordPress Astra site to do some tweaks to my existing site. They can include improvements with formating, color changes, moving blocks. creating new pages, testing ...

A great way to get tasks done with quality work that is done on time by enthusiastic artists and gurus. A great crowdsource of people with a variety of talent.
Robert is requesting
Plan of approach for my garden
Dear reader, My garden needs a makeover but in order to do that, I need a plan of approach first. My surroundings as well as potential partners that are willing to aid me financially in this are...

I like to use Simbi as we can leverage on each other their strengths to move forward together.